While my Elan was being resprayed I needed to replace other trim items (handles, windscreens, gold Sprint decal etc). While I could just have gone to my local Lotus dealer or specialist and bought these over the counter I decided to try and save some money by shopping around. After all Lotus themselves used what was available at the time when they built their cars in those days so why pay a premium for a Lotus badged box.
Below are a list of parts I bought along with part numbers and supplier details. In most cases I saved a reasonable amount compared with the specialist price.

All chromework including handles, door locks, boot hinges, boot lock (but no fuel caps). FDB Panel Fittings Ltd

Terry Cantle
Tel: 020 8568 1616
Fax: 020 8568 5656

Specialist dealers are expensive. These were about 2/3 the price!! Made by WBH but they really only supply bulk buyers. I bought my pieces from FDB. You could also try:

F.A. Parkes Limited
Phil Barrow
Tel: 01942 681996

email me with your requirement and I will send you the part numbers (or ask WBH) – You need a copy of their ‘Classic Chromework’ catalogue

Sprint Decal Mick Miller Mick Miller seems to have good quality strips at good prices. You can email Sue Miller at
Windscreen Try your local windscreen supplier, they are often cheaper than specialists otherwise have a look at . The ‘killer’ is usually the carriage costs.
Door and Hinge gaskets Paul Matty Sportscars or Mick Miller For what they are, thin pieces of card, they are expensive but you should use them
Fuel Cap Mick Miller or Paul Matty I bought mine from Sue Miller (or you could try a Scimitar dealer)
Door Seals and foam strip for bonnet Wollies

These seem to fit better than the ‘normal’ Lotus items so that you don’t have to slam the doors and crack the fiberglass.
Lucas light fittings The Electrical Parts Company Ltd

Tel: 01584 811118

Met these fold at the Classic Car Show at the NEC and at the Club Lotus Parts Fair a week later. It seems they supply the specialists, so buying from them should be cheaper. It was for the bits I wanted!! Only Lucas parts though.
Number Plates letters Framptons Numbers and Letters to fix to the Elan front grill. Becoming difficult to find at a sensible price.You can email Steve or visit his web site
Brake Parts Classicar Automotive
Tel: 01625 860910
Reconditioned Girling servos
Brake Parts Past Parts
Unit 4 Chase Road
Northern Way Industrial Estate
Bury St Edmunds
IP32 6NT

Telephone. +44 (0)1284 750729
Fax. +44 (0)1284 756240
E-mail. restore @
I have not used these people but they look interesting for restoring brake parts..

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