he internet is full of useful links for the Elan owner, below are some of the ones I found helpful.

They are mainly UK based (as I live in the UK) but that is not so say that there are not other useful Elan sites on the web.

Club Lotus The World’s Largest Independent Lotus Club (according to their magazine) I have been a member since the earl 80s and they are a great source of information, help and advice.
SMS Fibreglass specialist They repainted my Elan and I would recommend them to anyone, especially if you do not have an unlimited budget :-)
Sue Miller Lotus Spares Specialist Unfortunately Mick died in 2003 but his wife Sue is doing an amazing job keeping the parts side of the business running . Sue has a website ( but it’s often better phone Sue as she has a wealth of Elan knowledge. You can also emiail her atat:
Paul Matty Sportscars Lotus Spares Specialist Great service and good quality.
Lotus Community An amazing collection of information on the Elan. One of the best!!
Lotus Elan Sprint Elan Sprint website A great website full of history and facts on the Elan Sprint!
Q.E.D. Twin-cam restorers QED rebuilt the bottom end of my  twin-cam about 15 years ago. Although they no longer offer ebuilds, the seem to have almost every engine part available. They can even sell you can shiny new cylinder head if you want,
Yeloperyl Nothing to do with Lotus!! Our Siamese cat page!!

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