After 3 year at the Rétrofestival in Caen in June we decided to visit the Festival of Speed at Goodwood instead this year (as it’s the same weekend). The plan is to take the Elan to Brittany later in the year and visit the Manoir de l’Automobile at Lohéac (using the tickets we won at Caen a couple of years ago).

Other events planned this year are:

  • 3 April: Old Warden, Classic Car Show (Elan)
  •  17 April: Kings Cross Vintage Boot Sale to celebrate the release of the book “My Cool Convertibly” by Chris Haddon (featuring the Elan)

  • 24 April: Haggerty Drive it Day (Elan)
  • 1 May: Duxford  Sprint Classic Car Show (Alpina)
  • 30-31 July : Silverstone Classic (Alpina)

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